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Our Services have extreme domain expertise across a

range of Software Technologies, delivering core values

& business results to Clients from old-traditional to brand

new services and everything in between.Understanding

Process requires understanding the Business.

The Eminence does both for You. We reconstruct

products & services for the digital trend by integrating

process insights & data-driven analytics. By executing

victorious strategies across services globally we are able

to gain momentum and help clients launch the

high-impact Products  they are actually looking for.

Here’s how we make it!

About Us


Test consulting

Automation Tests are the best way to improve effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of testing overall.

  • Optimization of speed
  • Decrease of costs
  • Frequent & Re-usable
  • Quality & Timely release

About Us

Test consulting


We practice Outsourcing to companies to reduce costs, improve efficiency by shifting tasks, operations, jobs & also processes.

  • Increase Competitiveness
  • Facilities & Time Resources
  • Safety Regulations

About Us

Global Clients

Global Clients

Sites Tested

Sites Tested

Efficient Testing

Efficient Testing



Our Services

Manual Testing

We execute tests manually to find defects without the usage of tools or automation scripting

Test Automation

Automated testing made effective with best software tools which execute automatically with appropriate test scripts.

Selenium Testing

We are a bit more concrete about Selenium WebDriver tests with Java, C#, Python, Node.js & PHP.

API Testing

The Eminence provides API testing for application programming interfaces (APIs) at its best to confirm Functionality, Reliability, Performance & Security.

Mobile Testing

We always have our prime focus on mobile Testing to delight you with an excellent user interface in all Android & iOS mobile platforms.

Performance Testing

We check software performance under an investigation for effectiveness, reliability, scalability & interoperability.

About Us
About Us

The Eminence Technology Solutions (TETS), is a Software Testing services
company focusing on end to end solutions to provide quality software to
the clients. Our company is located in the temple city Madurai,TamilNadu.
We have been in business successful through years, and our clients know
they can trust us for quality work and excellent support. Your goals are
first to us, and we work with you to fulfill your every need.

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Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Selenium officially supports Java, C#, Python, Ruby and Javascript
(Node).And also supports third party languages PHP, R, Object c
which were not developed by Seleniumhq.Usually languages can
be selected based on the development environment.The reason
behind is , even after the script development the developers can
write automation scripts.
There is no relation between choosing the languages for selenium
webdriver and the application development.We can choose any
language which is comfortable to write automation scripts.
There is a feature within Selenium IDE to convert its own scripts
to webdriver scripts.However, if you want any tool to convert the
scripts, Contact us.
SAP TAO, UFT, ECATT, TestComplete can be used. UFT has a good
support for automating SAPgui and SAP CRM as well.
The webservices play a vital role in the modern development, we use
SoapUI (open source - Groovy framework).JMeter, REST Assured, Java
For web applications Selenium webdriver plays most and for desktop applications UFT stays dominant.
Select frameworks for Selenium webdriver based on the
languages as given below.
For Java: - Testng,junit,cucumber,jbehave
For C#: - Nunit,Specflow
For Python: - Unit test,Robot
For Ruby: - Cucumber,Capybara
For Javascript: - Jasmine,Mocha,NightwatchJs
For PHP: - PHPUnit,Behat
Page object model,Test data handling,Reporting,CI integration
should also be taken care along with Frameworks.
Of course,We can. Nowadays, Selenium scripted bots are widely
used for web scrapping,Chat auto-reply etc.
Mobile apps can be automated using Appium,Selendroid,Robotium
and Calabash.
The Eminence Technology Solutions (TETS)

We Rewrite.
We Stream it.
We Reconstruct it.
We Deliver it smarter.
We are The Eminence.
Where Business & Technology come Together.

The Eminence Technology Solutions (TETS) Drive Quality
The Eminence Technology Solutions (TETS)

We Rewrite.
We Stream it.
We Reconstruct it.
We Deliver it smarter.
We are The Eminence.
Where Business & Technology come Together.

The Eminence Technology Solutions (TETS) Drive Quality
If your goal is to make a topnotch software then contact us

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About Us

Started in 2016 , With a vision of delivering high quality software products. We focus on Software Testing & Our aim is to detect bugs before software release. We execute efficient tools and frameworks to attain extreme quality over software testing procedures. We rigorously test every aspect to ensure software proficiency.

Recent Review

“TETS demonstrated a professional and flexible approach to the project. They definitely added value to the assignment. Communication was on very good level. I recommend them for web testing projects, and I am looking forward for future cooperation.”

– Dominik.


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