Automation Testing

Automation testing is one sort of software testing that makes use of automation tools to execute the test cases without manual intervention and then compares the exact test results with expected results.

Why we need Automation testing?

Testing the software is imperative while developing the software. It ensures that the bugs are all removed out and that the entire product (software or hardware) is functioning as exact. However, some of the tasks are too arduous to do manually. That is why automation testing is needed, and it further facilitates faster time-to-market and quick finding of defects.

Some of the pros of using automation testing as follows,
  • Saves time and cost
  • Improves test accuracy
  • Increases test coverage (allows parallel testing)
Importance of Automation testing in modern development :

Automation testing is crucial in an agile development process to save time that allows for continuous deployment. It is also using for the creation of automation scripts based on the user stories to develop high-quality products and mitigate bugs at an earlier stage.

Why Automation testing @ TETS?

TETS possesses a technically enriched QA automation testing team comprising of talented and experienced automation test engineers who leverages the automated test cases and implementation strategies in a precise manner.

The other significant reasons why you need us for automation testing,
  • Providing defect identification through efficient automation scripts development.
  • Highly effective test focal.
  • High-quality and ROI-driven testing service.
  • Offering suitable framework selection.
  • Performing perfect feasibility analysis.
  • Crystal clear comprehensive status reporting.
  • Continuous support to the clients.

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