Performance Testing

The main objective of any software is to achieve excellent performance in every scenario to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and reliability. That is why performance testing is essential in the software development process.

At TETS, we are rendering cutting-edge performance testing services and help our clients to verify the potential performance of their developed web or mobile software applications. Our testing services are offering a precise testing pattern to ensure the speed, capacity, performance under particular workload, etc. and to evade the bottlenecks of applications.

Why we need Performance testing?

Compatible and reliable performance in the critical enterprise applications should facilitate consumer comfort, which is the key factor to attain the business goal. While designing or developing an application, it is apparent that we are all testing it for the performance, but have you think why still there is a crash or failure occurs in those applications.

The reason is, the applications are testing under only the normal load, not under the peak load.

Let us take an e-commerce website for instance if 1000 users access the site at a time to view the dress collection, that particular website should have a capability to perform speedy as well as accurate. Unlike that, if suppose the site gives inaccurate cost information or slows down, what happens? The visitors will leave the site and move to the competitor’s site. Then the company will suffer severe losses, sometimes total product failures.

Hence, it is imperative to carry out the Performance testing for a product under different loads, speed, capacity, etc. before the market release itself.

Why Performance testing @ TETS?

TETS is one of the pre-eminent software testing service provider offers you with the end-to-end performance testing with the following qualities,

  • Providing experienced and talented testing professionals delivering the quality testing services
  • The speedy turnaround time to launch the product
  • Comprehensive and clear-cut status reporting
  • Usage of efficient testing tools and proven testing methodologies to test under various loads/devices

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