Mobile Testing

Today Mobile phones transform our lives easier and bring the world closer together through internet access. Further, mobile devices have the specialized features of mobile applications in almost all fields such as Mobile Banking, M Learning, M-Commerce, Mobile Gaming, etc.

It is estimated that more than 7.5 billion Internet users by 2030 and the number of worldwide mobile app users will more than double. Hence, undoubtedly mobile phone users, as well as mobile applications, will rise exponentially in the upcoming years.

Accordingly, competition among mobile marketers and developers will be high to increase business sales. Also, the future of mobile applications lies within the major core areas such as speed and efficiency, precision and yield, and trusted access, i.e. Security. So it is imperative to deliver efficient mobile applications to gain consumer support to succeed in this competitive business world. For efficient applications, testing mobile devices is necessary. Let us see, what is a mobile testing and why we need it?

What is mobile testing?

Mobile testing is a test carried out on the native apps, hybrid apps or mobile web apps to check functionality, consistency, security, compatibility, usability, etc. The native apps or hybrid apps are installed on the mobile device whereas the web apps are mobile-optimized web pages.

Why we need Mobile Testing?
The Eminence Technology Solutions Offer Mobile Testing
  • As said earlier, the consumer’s insights play a pivotal role to decide the success or failure rate of the applications. Besides, it is a harsh reality that many apps get removed after first use due to poor user experience and latency issues.
  • Therefore, we need effective Mobile testing to deliver bug-free products/applications to fulfill the consumer’s demands and progress of business growth.
Why Mobile Testing @ TETS?
  • Applying an effective device as well as application testing in Mobile Phones that helps to identify the bugs in the system
  • Writing effective test cases to find the defects promptly
  • We Provide manual and automated testing in mobile applications with talented testers
  • Ability to predict significant test metrics
  • Crystal clear status reporting.
  • Providing valuable feedback to the developers whenever necessary and we guide them to improve the applications
  • Test automation for all types of Mobile phones such as Android and iPhones
  • Experience in Mobile testing across different domains such as banking, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, telecom, etc.
  • ERP/CRM products mobile testing

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